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Red Rye Ding Hood

It has always been my ambition to brew a rye beer .. Actually that is not true, I wanted to brew a 'special' for the 2013 Chappel Beer Festival and did not know what to do so a rye beer looked like a safe bet .. Again East Anglian Maris Otter proves the back bone of the beer and then access to Weyermans speciality malts meant I could use a rye malt in conjunction with a cara red to produce a deep red hue. At the beginning of the boil I use Tettnang, another favourite hop, this does not overpower the palate and overshadow the massive smack of Amarillo thrown in at the end of the boil. At Glastonwick 2014 my favourite beer married rye and juniper so when Chappel asked me if I was going to brew the rye beer again I modified it slightly by adding juniper at the end of the boil .. A beer was born!

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