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My parents were regular visitors to Yugoslavia before the troubles and were among the first English people to go out there when it all died down as they had made many friends there. As a result I had the opportunity to visit the Zagrebacka Pivovara, once a provincial brewery but now part of InBev. I had a chance to walk around the old part of the brewery, as well as the modern, where there is heavy investment to ensure domination of the Balkan market.

The beer is an anglicised version with half English 'lager' style malt and half light Maris Otter. In the Copper we have Goldings and Fuggles hops at the beginning of the boil and finishing off with Saaz and Tettnang. Having said that my favourite beer out there was the local dark beer!

The label was a very bad pun in Pivo/Pierrot... after a few pints they do sound similar, and the label was painted by a guy I worked with in a care home in Hadleigh... forgot his name.

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