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Mother McClearys Milk Stout

My right hand man, C.A.M.R.A. stalwart, is Martin McCleary and his favourite beer is Milk Stout, ‘Old Chimney’s’ Black Rat Stout to be more precise, and every time we have an outside bar he ensures that Black Rat is available. For his forty third birthday I brewed a 4.3% Milk Stout which was launched at the 2006 Ipswich Beer Festival. I was on shaky ground with the label, having found this old photograph when, rather the worse for wear, he donned an orange wig. Fortunately he saw the funny side (he is eighteen and a half stone, I am thankful he has a sense of humour!).

With Maris Otter Pale bulked out by Crystal, Dark Crystal, Amber, chocolate, rauzhmalz and roast barley, the hops are Columbus at the start with Goldings half way through the boil and finishing on Fuggle, with a bit of lactose. If it is any consolation, Black Rat is still available wherever Martin does a bar ... there is no pleasing some people!

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