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Brewery Merchandise

Green Man Tee Shirt

Green Man design created by Cherry Burns Salmond


Bar Humbug Tee Shirt

Nicola Robinson's wonderful design for the Bar Humbug at Blackthorpe Barn


Zodiac Signs Tee Shirt

Choose one of the 12 signs of the Zodiac created by Cherry Burns Salmond


Comrade Bill Tee Shirt

Cherry's portrait of Comrade Bill on the front with ingredients listing on the back


The Captain Bill etched pint glass

with the image of the Captain himself on one side and 'Take a drink at the Captain's table' on the other

The Comrade Bill badged nip glass

with Comrade Bill on one side and ingredients listing on the other

Bartrams Pump Clips

The full range is available

£2.50 each (minimum order of 5)
Bottle Labels

A full set featuring all current Bartrams Beers


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