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Little Green Man

The little brother to the Green Man but more of a session beer where the hops are 'toned down' a little, A golden bitter ale with peppery citrus tones of subtle coriander. This is made using all organic pale malt in the grist, the hops are organic First Gold.

When I first started brewing beers using organic ingredients the only hops available had Alpha acids that made your eyes water and so I used a low hop regime but spiced it up with the addition of coriander at the end of the boil. even though the current hop has a more accessible Alpha acid I still use coriander to finish it off.

The origin of the Little Green Man himself is steeped in mystery, I was given the image by a friend who worked for a certain Sunday paper, they ran a story of a woman who claimed to have been raped by a Koala Bear and this was the result ... seemed totally plausible to me. He now turns up everywhere.

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