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Flirtatious Ungulate

The beer ... When I brew Comrade Bill I have traditionally resparged the remaining grist and when I remove the wort from the copper I throw the second batch on top of the hops and reboil .. Voila .. Marld. As sales of Comrade Bill went through the roof Marld could not keep up so I started doing 'Festival Specials' by differing the strength and adding different hops, one time it came out at 5.2% and I threw in some Galena (there they go again .. My favourite) and the beer was an instant success ..

The name .. As a small boy I recall going to Flamingo Park Zoo and a Malaysian Tapir appeared to be following me as I walked outside its enclosure. Years later I was talking with local artist the celebrated Mr K, he recounted a similar experience and we were both convinced that the animals had been flirting with us .. Alcohol may have been involved. A magazine article about the ex porn star turned Italian politician, Ciccolina sealed the deal and a picture of a Malaysian Tapir adorned with parts of her body was born .. See it all makes perfect sense!

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