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Catherine Bartrams I.P.A.

You know how it is when you are filling out your VAT forms, easily prone to distraction? Well, there was a programme on the radio about the siege of Lucknow which was in 1857 and went on from May to September of that year. One of the reasons we know of the conditions during the seige is that a lady by the name of Catherine Bartram kept a diary... I don't know whether we are directly related but I immediately adopted her and as the family now had an Indian connection, what better way to celebrate than with an India Pale Ale.

This is a light coloured version of the style with just a little bit of crystal thrown in with the Maris Otter. The hops are First Gold in the early boil and then finished off with plenty of Fuggles.

The label is taken from a painting of the siege of Lucknow.

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