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Captain Bill Bartrams Best Bitter

Captain Bill first reached prominence in the history books when he was cabin boy on the Trafalgar and as such was in charge of Nelson's eyepatch collection. Nelson's oft misquoted last words were in fact "Kismet, Hardy" being the Kismet design from that years Hardy Amies Ocular Fashion Accessories collection. He later gained notoriety as Lord Kitchener's batman, but was cashiered when he inadvertently allowed the elder Statesman's moustache wax to become contaminated by bromide thus causing the nation's hero's face fungus to whither and droop during a particularly rousing oration.

There was a Captain Bill and he ran Bartrams Brewery in Tonbridge between 1894 and 1902. Whilst researching the brewery I made contact with his great-granddaughter and between us we tried to find a photograph, I desperately needed him to look like Captain Birdseye. There were no photos available and so I grew a beard and my good friend the late Ken Brooks painted me as Captain Bill.

The beer is actually modified from a Victorian recipe so there is just Maris Otter and crystal malt in the grist and good old Fuggles and Goldings in the boil.

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