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3.4%  Marld - A traditional mild, spicy hops and malt with a hint of chocolate, slightly smoky with a light roasted finish. 3.6%  Homegrown - Available July/August, a golden bitter brewed for the festival of the same name, subtle New World hops against a malty bitter.
3.7%  Premier Bitter - A traditional "quaffing" ale, full flavoured but light dry and hoppy. 3.7%  Adams Ale - Brewed to commemorate Adam Drane, a local lad who was the one hundredth British soldier to be killed in Afghanistan. The squaddies pint, a traditional full bodied bitter with English hops.
3.7%  Cambridge Rock Festival Ale - Available July/August .. Brewed for Cambridge Rock Festival, an easy drinking golden bitter with subtle citrus undertones. 3.7%  John Peel Centre - Brewed for events at the Stowmarket centre dedicated to Britain's favourite radio personality, a traditional copper coloured bitter with a subtle blend of English and New World hops.
3.8%  Little Green Man - A golden bitter ale with the peppery and citrus tones of subtle coriander and hops, dry and bitter. 3.8%  Rougham Ready - A light crisp bitter, surprisingly full bodied for its strength.
3.8%  Enter The Dragon - Local personality and Tory party Grandee Lord Normal Tebbit ingratiated himself with the Bury St Edmunds Chinese community as they celebrated the Chinese New Year by kicking the Chinese Dragon up the arse .. I had to celebrate this with a special easy drinking bitter ... 3.8%  Folk East - Based on a 1950's Cobbold recipe a traditional style copper coloured bitter using East Anglian malt coupled with Fuggles and Goldings hops.
3.8%  Maui Waui - Available July/August, a golden bitter brewed with New world hops, hemp and cardamom to create an original potable ale. 3.8%  Woody Manns IPA - Brewed for my favourite guitarist and based if rather crudely, on Watney Mann's IPA, an easy drinking bitter .. the art work incorporated the Watneys Red Barrel which was almost the death knell of the British brewing industry.
3.8%  Washing Machine Bitter - Light and easy drinking, used to seduce lager drinkers on to the path of righteousness. 3.9%  Red Queen - Typical I.P.A. style, chocolate malt in the foreground whilst the hop flavour lingers.
4.0%  Milkmaid - Terry Walden's Milkmaid Folk Club has been established in East Anglia since time immemorial and I was pleased to brew this full bodied bitter for their events. 4.0%  Green Man - A full bodied golden bitter, peaches and oranges on the nose and on the palate with a fruity spicy finish.
4.0%  Grozet - Using the Green Man as a base, gooseberries are added to give an extra dimension. 4.0%  Cats Whiskers - A golden beer with ginger and lemons added, a unique flavour experience.
4.0%  Pierrot - A complex golden ale with plenty of body for its strength, an explosion of malt and hops. 4.0%  Headway - 10pence per bottle goes to the charity Headway from this full bodied dark bitter.
4.0%  Stockbrokers Belter - As ginger as a royal cuckoo, Mr Atilla has a preference for a bit of ginger in his beer and so I created this one to suit his palate .. And a number of people decided it suited their palates as well, light and very very gingery. 4.0%  Thy Last Drop - A London Porter with just sufficient hints of smokiness to hint at a foggy night in Whitechapel in 1888.
4.2%  Zodiac Signs - Beers related to the Zodiac signs, all at 4.2% but representing a host of styles, art work by Cherry Burn Salmond, the famous illustrator.
4.2%  Megalithic Ale - Brewed for the 'Stars and Stones Forum' with a new 'hedgerow' variety of hops called 'pilot' 4.2%  The Bees Knees - An amber beer with a floral aroma, honey softness on the palate leads to a crisp bitter finish.
4.3%  Catherine Bartrams I.P.A. - A full bodied malty I.P.A. style, tangy hops lead the malt throughout and dominate the dry hoppy aftertaste. 4.3%  Mother McClearys Milk Stout - An old fashioned milk stout, full bodied, lightly hopped and with just a subtle hint of sweetness from the unfermentable lactose.
4.4%  Jester Quick One - A sweet reddish bitter using the fruity American Ahtanum hops. 4.5%  Stingo - A Sweetish and fruity bitter with a hoppy nose, light honey softens the bitter finish.
4.5%  Coal Porter - Another tradional style enjoying a renaissance, plenty of body in this ruby beer supported by lots of hops makes this complex ale a worthy sample of the traditional style. 4.5%  Beltane Braces - Another pagan brew, wickedly smooth and dark, a devil of a good pint.
4.8%  Beer Elsie Bub - Originally brewed for a pagan wedding, this strong honey ale is now brewed all year round for pagans and Christians alike. 4.8%  Captain's Stout - Biscuity dark malt leads to a lightly smoked aroma, plenty of roasted malt character, coffee notes and a whiff of smoke.
4.8%  Cherry Stout - The sensuous hints of chocolate leads to a subtle hint of cherries in this multi award winning stout. 4.8%  Damson Stout - A robust stout with the chocolate and smoky aroma giving way to a sweeter finish with just a hint of tartness.
4.8%  Captain Bill Bartrams Best Bitter - Modified from a 100 year old recipe, full malt and traditional hops blend to make a pint that would have been worthy of Captain Bill himself. 5.0%  Darkside - A dark wheat beer with lots of deep complex fruity flavours. Suitable for vegans.
5.0%  Suffolk ‘n’ strong - A light smooth and dangerously potable 5% bitter, well balanced malt and hops with a easy finish. 5.0%  Xmas Holly Daze - To welcome the old boy in the red suit we have this light powerful ale.
5.2%  New Year Daze - What better way to see the old year out than with a pint of this deep reddish bitter. 5.2%  The Flirtatious Ungulate - Currently the nearest I brew to a black IPA, The grist of Comrade Bill resparged and late hopped with Galena hops, an occasional brew but becoming a beer festival favourite. The unsettling pump clips reflects experiences with Malaysian Tapirs .. Best not to ask.
5.6%  Venerable Reed - Based on a fourteenth century Welsh recipe. Nettles, herbs and spices in this beer, brewed once a year and left to mature for six months in the cask before bottling, an occasional cask goes to beer festivals. No grey areas ... The marmite beer. 6.4%  AH 64 Specale - Brewed to celebrate the Apache Helicopter and 4 Regiment's return from operations in Afghanistan in September 2008. The Regiment's C.O., Colonel Dalton was moving on, so it seemed an ideal way of celebrating these events.
6.6%  Red Rye Ding Hood - Originally brewed as a special for 2013 Chappel beer festival, it proved to be popular .. in 2014 I added juniper berries to create a complex red rye beer which was more popular .. 6.8%  IP(30)A - The postcode of the brewery is IP30 so why not brew an IPA with ingredients sourced from within a 30 mile radius mused Kevin McHenry, Red Rat Craft Brewery as was. Originally brewed for the inaugural Yaxley Beer Festival as a one off I have just picked a sack of hops at the Glemham Estate and so another brew is on the horizon ..
6.9%  Comrade Bill Bartrams Egalitarian Anti Imperialist Soviet Stout - A Bold and Tasty Russian Stout with a mouthfilling, airy, texture and a lot of enjoyable, peppery, bitter chocolate flavours. 7.0%  September Ale - Brewed to celebrate the 7th anniversary of Alder Carr Farm, The third oldest farmers market in Britain. A light fruity Barley wine using organic ingredients.
10.0%  Harvest Old - Brewed to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Alder Carr Farm. Deep black in colour and full-bodied. An explosive 10 percent ale! 10.0%  Mother in Law’s Tongue Tied - Complex and full bodied, vinous and smooth. Originally brewed to celebrate the 90th birthday of the brewer's mother in law, updated to celebrate her 95th in 2008. My mother in law died at the age of ninety eight but we continued the tradition and brewed a 10% version to celebrate what would have been her one hundredth birthday.

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