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Bartrams Beers to Banquet onThere has been much written recently on the marriage of food and beer. Some time ago Bartrams Brewery embarked on a project with the help of a wine taster and some of the food orientated pubs I deal with on a regular basis. Working with a wine taster was an interesting experience for me as her approach to the synergy of food and beer was completely different to how I would approach the project as a beer 'flavour profiler'. Eventually we came up with a basic food and beer menu which we distributed to the pubs. The only difference being the 'Fox' at Burwell as his was a Mexican menu which needed an individual beer list. I reproduce these menus here and recommend you try them out at home or visit 'The Fox and Hounds' at Bradfield St. George, 'The Gardeners Arms' at Moats Tye, 'The Blue Boar' at Walsham le Willows, or 'The Fox' at Burwell

Little Green Man 3.8% This mellow golden bitter lends itself to the vegetarian palate, excellent with light pasta, mushroom and pulse dishes.
Red Queen 3.9% A traditional India Pale Ale, this full bodied beer goes with full flavoured beef dishes, spaghetti or lasagne.
Green Man 4.0% Another golden bitter bursting with hop flavour, perfect with fish dishes.
Grozet 4.0% This tart bitter lends itself to pork dishes, whether sausages or ham, egg and chips it is the perfect partner. Also recommended with curries.
The Bees Knees 4.2% The dominant citrus tones of this honey ale helps wash down the trifle or fruit salad. Alternatively try with salmon or light fish dishes.
Jester Quick One 4.4% Perfect with pate or even anti pasti, also a good accompaniment for that steak and ale pie.
Captain's Stout 4.8% Ideal for red meats, whether beef, lamb or venison. If you are feeling indulgent try it with a chocolate pudding.
Suffolk ‘n’ strong 5.0% One to escort the cheese board, try with a mature Stilton or Brie. Also perfect with a pasta bake.
Mother in Law’s Tongue Tied Too 9.5% To be handed out after dinner instead of the Port, an explosion on the palate, a real Christmas pudding of a beer.

If you are eating Mexican food ...

Little Green Man 3.8% This mellow golden bitter lends itself to the vegetarian palate, try with melted goats cheese Tostadas or Quesadilla with cheese and refritos.
Red Queen 3.9% A traditional India Pale Ale, this full bodied beer lends itself to the full bodied red meat dishes.
Grozet 4.0% Counteracts the heat of the chilli peppers nicely or try with guacamole, also works well with goats cheese Quesadilla.
Cats Whiskers 4.0% With the subtle ginger and lemon in this light bitter another perfect partner for Guacamole but will also combat the heat of the stronger dishes. A good way to wash down your cheesecake.
Catherine Bartrams I.P.A. 4.3% A light I.P.A. style that marries well with dishes such as the vegetable burrito or chilli chicken fajitas.
Jester Quick One 4.4% The versatility of this bitter makes it the ideal accompaniment for the Poquito De Todo. Share with a friend with the shared platter. Also recommended with either the Tacos or beef fajita.
Coal Porter 4.5% This hoppy darker beer works equally well with the hotter chicken dishes and is perfectly at home with a burrito.
Damson Stout 4.8% A full bodied traditional ruby stout that goes well with the chilli dishes or the Macho Nachos. This is the beer to drink with your steak.

Bartrams Brewery has always been proud to be the innovator. This page was first put up quite a few years ago and last year we had our first ever beer sommelier! How the industry has changed! I continue to marry food and beer and am now featuring recipes using Bartrams Beers...enjoy!

Brisket slow cooked with Comrade Bill

The Butcher from Suffolk Food Halls was one of the first contestants on 'Come Dine with me' and concedes that if he had used this recipe he might have gained a better placing!

  • 2 bottles of Comrade Bill
  • 1 - 1 1/2 kg piece of Brisket
  • Dozen shallots
  • Handful button mushrooms
  • Handful pearl barley
  • Garlic
  • Teaspoon Dijon Mustard
  • Garlic to taste
  • Olive oil
  • Knob of butter
  • Beef Stock
  • Splash of Worcestershire sauce
  • Salt and Pepper to taste

In a heavy saucepan lightly fry brisket in olive oil until browned, remove and put in slow cooker,add a knob of butter then fry crushed garlic, shallots, and then mushrooms, tip them in to the slow cooker. Empty a bottle of Comrade Bill in to the slow cooker ( I know it might hurt but just steel yourself and think of the results!). Add sufficient stock to cover the meat then throw in the pearl barley (not literally...but then again go on and get rid of the aggression pent up from pouring in the Comrade Bill) a dash of Worcestershire sauce, a teaspoon of Dijon mustard and salt and pepper to taste. Try and entertain yourself for a few hours, watch old episodes of 'Come Dine with me', Jeremy Kyle or read a good book but not War and Peace because by the time you finish you will be hungry and the stock may have boiled away!

What you need is some really good quality bread, great chunks of it to mop up the gravy, and to wash it down? ... the second bottle of Comrade Bill of course.

and to take it to its illogical conclusion ...

Beer with Music and Literature

So, you have bought your bottles of beer and carefully transported them home, being careful not to disturb the sediment too much, after a couple of hours you deem them ready to consume so what is your preferred form of entertainment? You could watch 'Corrie' and check out Jack's pigeons or watch 'Eastenders' and see whether Phil and Grant have got it 'sorted'. Alternatively your mind might turn to more cerebral pursuits. What I have done here is to suggest reading and listening material which might lend itself to certain beers.

Marld 3.4% A quintessentially English drink, perhaps listening to 'Ogden's Nut Gone Flake' by the Faces might be the ideal accompaniment, as to reading, 'As I walked out one Midsummers Morning', Laurie Lee conjuring up a bygone age.
Premier 3.7% Get in the mood with Winston S. Churchill's 'Great Contemporaries' ... can only be Elgar.
Little Green Man 3.8% Easy drinking, easy reading 'McCarthy's Bar' by Pete McCarthy, easy listening essential 'Crimson Moon' By Bert Jansch.
John Peel Centre 3.7% Read Lester Bangs 'Psychotic Reactions', in deference to Mr P. I would have to say The Undertones and 'Teenage Kicks' but the first time I listened to 'The Perfumed Garden' I was introduced to 'Killer' by Van der Graaf Generator, he was also responsible for my introduction to Prince Far I, try 'Cry Tuff Dub Encounter' or anything by Half Man Half Biscuit .. The list is endless ...
Folk East 3.8% The gentle ruminations of Jerome K Jerome and 'Three Men in a Boat', listen to Michael Chapman 'Live at the Folk Cottage 1967', follow it up with 'Trainsong 1967-2010' and follow a fine English guitarist's career.
Maui Waui 3.8% Will Self's 'Sweet Smell of Psychosis' accompanied by 'I don't wanna grow up', the original by Tom Waits or crank it up a notch with the Ramones version.
Cambridge Rock Festival Ale 3.7% Spark up your Joss sticks and put on Caravan's 'Nine Feet Underground' and work your way through Michael Moorcock's 'Dancers at the Edge of Time', don't worry, there's plenty of time ...
Rougham Ready 3.8% Brewed for John Agnew, a lovely bloke, another lovely bloke was Viv Stanshall so read his fascinating biography 'Ginger Geezer' by Lucian Randall and Chris Welch, a hero of mine so listen to 'heroes' by David Bowie.
Washing Machine Bitter 3.8% Recommended reading Viz Magazine and listen to the Legendary Stardust Cowboy and 'paralysed' .. Trust me I'm a brewer.
Woody Mann's IPA 3.8% An opportunity to put on John Fahey's album 'Old Fashioned Love', some fantastic duos between John and Woody, read 'If I May' by AA Milne.
Enter the Dragon 3.8% Got to be 'Mad dogs and Englishmen' by Noel Coward and read 'The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists' by Robert Tressall.
Red Queen 3.9% A little bit of John Mortimer, anything from 'Rumpole' alongside some Roy Harper, I am torn between 'One of those days in England' and 'When an old cricketer' ... you decide.
Green Man 4.0% Bursting with flavour this needs something bubbly to support it, try Terry Pratchett ... any Terry Pratchett, listen to some Ivor Cutler ... any Ivor Cutler.
Grozet 4.0% Complex, go with 'Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man' by James Joyce and try 'Guitar Soli' by Robbie Basho.
Cats Whiskers 4.0% 'Alices Adventures' ... alongside the whimsy of 'Man in a Bowler Hat' by Stackridge.
Pierrot 4.0% Lose yourself in this unique ale whilst reading Philip Jose Farmers 'To Your Scattered Bodies Go' and listening to the Ramones first album.
Thy Last Drop 4.0% Listen to Saint Saens and 'Danse Macabre for Violin and Piano' and to accompany this it could only be the Edgar Allan Pot Pourri of Eldritch foul imaginings and 'The Raven'.
Zodiac Beers 4.2% Let's stay out there and read 'Solar' by Ian McEwan (with a description of frostbite that still makes me cross my legs!) and listen to 'You' by Gong, the original on vinyl or the wonderful remixed version.
The Bees Knees 4.2% Just that little bit different so how about reading Martin Amis 'Time's Arrow', listen to 'Dazed and Confused' by Led Zeppelin.
Megalithic 4.2% 'Tales of a Tub' by Jonathan Swift anything by Jonathan Swift really and listen to some Flo and Eddie under one of their manifestations,as the Turtles, as Flo and Eddie with Frank Zappa or their solo stuff, 'Moving Targets' is a personal favourite.
Catherine Bartrams I.P.A. 4.3% It has to be Graham Greene 'The End of the Affair' possibly, whilst listening to The Beatles 'Double White'.
Jester Quick One 4.4% Britain's Clown Prince, Spike Milligan's 'Puckoon', try listening to Frank Zappa's 'Watermelon in Easter Hay' ... just try listening to Frank Zappa.
The Flirtatious Ungulate 5.2% Another contribution from the celebrated Mr K., try reading Alfred Jarry's Ubu Roi .. Aloud, then next time it appears at a theatre near you (it could happen!) see how close you were, and listen to 'That Man' by the Fall, go on, sing along, then go see The Fall live .. And see how close you were ..
Coal Porter 4.5% Enjoying a resurgence, so try something up to date, Irvine Walsh perhaps, 'Glue' even, listen to White Stripes 'Elephant'.
Beltane Braces 4.5% Dark and brooding, try 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep' by Philip K. Dick, set the atmosphere with Tom Wait's 'Bone Machine'.
Stingo 4.5% 'The Blue Lens' by Daphne de Maurier, 'Odd Ditties' by Kevin Ayers, just relax ... chill as they say.
Captain Bill Bartrams Best Bitter 4.8% Another English Experience but this time with a bit more bite, lets go with Will Self 'Great Apes', listen to 'Marjory Razor Blade' by Kevin Coyne.
Captain's Stout 4.8% Deep and satisfying try Anthony Burgess 'A Clockwork Orange', listen to 'Exile on Main Street' by the Stones.
Beer Elsie Bub 4.8% Try 'Diary of a Drug Fiend' by Aleister Crowley and put on your Gris Gris and listen to Dr John and 'Walking on Gilded Splinters'.
Cherry Stout 4.8% There was a guy called John Fothergill who, in the early part of the twentieth century, was a landlord who made Basil Fawlty seem like a perfect host, try and get hold of a copy of 'Confessions of an Innkeeper' or 'My Three Inns', you won't regret it, listen to 'Red Right Hand' by Nick Cave, you won't regret that either ..
Suffolk ‘n’ strong 5.0% A bit lighter on the palate why not go with Kurt Vonnegut 'Sirens of Titan' whilst listening to 'Harvest Moon' by Neil Young.
Venerable Reed 5.0% Named after Oliver Reed .. A man who was a law unto himself, read 'My Lady Nicotine' by JM Barrie, a tribute to smoking from the author of Peter Pan and listen to 'The Most Exalted Potentate of Love' by the Cramps .. Just because.
Red Rye Ding Hood 5.0% Read Irvine Welsh 'Marabou Stork Nightmares' whilst listening to 'Who do you Love', I personally love the Juicy Lucy version but there are many others out there for you to.
IP(30)A 6.8% This was a beer that was created 'From the floorboards up' as indeed was the tune of the same name by Paul Weller, continuing a local theme read 'Fast Food Nation' by Eric Schlosser and see what happens when the food industry is corporate and industrialised.
Russian Stout 6.9% Dark and brooding, Why not try Nikolai Gogols 'Diary of a Madman', suggested listening is John Fahey's 'O Tannenbaum/Russian Medley' from 'Christmas with John Fahey', Prokofiev as a blues man!
September Ale 7.0% Substantial yet easy to drink, try George Orwell 'Inside the Whale and other short stories' listen to 'Hadouk' by Didier Malherbe & Loy Ehrlich.
Mother in Law’s Tongue Tied Too 9.5% Robust, fulfilling ... that's my Mother in Law. It has to be Swift, re-read 'Gulliver's Travels'. As to music, only Carl Orff's 'Carmina Burana' has as much body as my Mother in Law!

Favourite quotes to ponder whilst enjoying your pint of Bartrams Beer

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