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Beer Elsie Bub

There are many tales told concerning the origins of Elsie Bub. It is said that as Merlin was entombed by Morganna, his seed did fall upon the ground and on that spot a mighty oak did grow. In 1666 during a great storm the tree was rent asunder and from the heart of that oak the wood nymphs did fashion the soul of Elsie...

...but that's just a crock of bull. Elsie is a retired civil servant whose only real experience of the Black Arts was a brief flirtation with a Rastafarian painter and decorator called Robert, but with her penchant for black cats and dancing naked on Hampstead Heath surrounded by her newt collection, she has kept witchcraft on the front page of the News of the World where it so rightly belongs.

This beer was brewed originally for a Pagan wedding, the couple's favourite beer was The Bees Knees but they wanted something more potent, so this is a 4.8% version with everything cranked up a little... alcohol alchemy.

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