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Adams Ale

I was approached by the Family of Adam Drane. Adam was a local lad who had the misfortune to be a statistic as the hundredth British soldier to be killed in Afghanistan. Through mutual friends in the Bury St Edmunds Constitutional Club, I was asked if I would brew a commemorative beer. I was pleased to be involved in this project but what struck me was the number of young people who approached me and said how pleased they were that I was doing this. This young man, the same age as my son, had had an impact on the community and was remembered fondly by my son and a lot of his friends. I never met Adam but, through his family and friends, have got to know something about him.

Brewed a couple of times a year, particularly for Remembrance Sunday to remember the fallen, and those who are still falling. A squaddies pint, copper coloured with English Fuggles and Goldings hops.

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